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rental rates

with the Turquoise Room and its twinnable bedset, the Empire style living room and its HD TV, the kitchen and recetion hall with a bar and the Cécile bathroom          
within 90m²
2 days
for one week
per additional day

for 2 people with a child
230 €
580 €
75 €

with the ivory Room with its two "cabin" beds,  Hi-fi system et the magazines Géo, Canard et Historia, in addition to the turquoise room, the Empire style living room, the kitchen en the Cécile bathroom

for 2 days for one week
per additional day

Up to 4-5 people
290 €
710 €
95 €

"GROUP" Plan
with the Mahogany Room and the Antoine shower room in addition to the Ivory room, the Turquoise room, the Empire living room, the big kitchen and the Cécile Bathroom

for 2 days
for one week
per additional day

up to 6-7 people 360 € 890 €
110 €

beginning of november
according to needs (dedicated internet access - Cloud server - 3  Ethernet links)

beginning of september
reception organisation - (light meals and aperitifs, local products)
and also commercial premises of 100m²

upon request :Christmas tree - Ornament, board games, computer...

29/12 - 2/01
Dance floor (on chestnut parquet; local beverages and products; light meals by local caterer...

all year round
Special prices for the touring artists

Thanks to contact us to establish a fixed price that will better suit your demands.

In order to better suit you demands and match you budget, please indicate the number of adults and children concerned, and  the number of overnight stays you plan at definite dates.

... an E-mail will confirm the availability of the Logis
... a personnalized estimate will be established
... and you will also receive our rental agreementMinimum

CONTACT (GSM):  +33 6  522 521 28

 minimum 2(two) days/nights 

The above PRICES are all inclusive

They include water supply, household linen and equipments, provision of internet access via 3 Ethermet cables and WIFI network (ADSL 2+)

but not the tourist taxes and
the gas consumption and electicity use
(price due calculcated by noting the metering information at beginning and end of the stay and therefore at cost price)

At his departure the tenant undertakes to return the apartment as clean as he will have found it upon his/her arrival, cleaning products are available and free.

To ensure your well-being, the LOGIS is non-smoking
Cévennes - Cevennen - Label HABITAT Vacances

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LE LOGIS DU BARON - Place des Halles, 1   F-34190 GANGES in Cevennes
Phone (GSM) + 33 6 522 521 28        Email : logisdubaron @ gmail.com

Holiday Rental 3Stars Cévennes Habitat, in the historic house of the Napoleonic Baron of Empire Jean Antoine SOULIER