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The town of Ganges is situated between roads which go back up to the Middle-Age. Close to Montpelier, to Nimes and to Millau, it is a real crossroads to leave to the discovery of Cevennes while saving itself an access direct and easy to the Mediterranean big cities and to the major tourist places of Languedoc-Roussillon.

what is there to do in Ganges ?

... apart from stroll, "open air " sport 

A good point of departure?

history and geology
Bars, markets, 
restos, cheese makers 
the artists, July 14th in Ganges (please not!)

LET US START AGAIN ! What you need to make it is to take your time and...

Inhale the open air, discover the nature, have a quick dip in the reiver or the torrent, fo fishing, swim, walk, run, pedal, sit down and contemplate the landscape, dream...

Sunbathe, dive into the fresh water, be allowed massage by waterfalls and stretch out on the ardent rocks.

Or then embark...

To join the friends to Palavas beach (the Mediterranean Sea)


Let us summarize: canoeing (ideal in the winter and in spring (but foresee the equipment), hang-glider, paragliding, climbing, speleology, equitation, go-carting, hike, mountain bike... and ski in  the winter in the resort Prat Peyrot (Mountain Aigoual) or still petanque and ball of Lyon on the Cours de la République...

Quieter and less dangerous,  is to go to the market;
On Tuesdays and Fridays (at the door of the Logis), you have one of the biggest market of the region. You will find all the products there to cook in the vast kitchen of the Logis specialities of the region and  fresh vegetables ( guaranteed organic products).

See an exhibition(exposure), all summer long in the Small Temple, in the Gallery "Terre des Arts", to the "Art de Lire", our secondhand bookseller and all year long in the Room Yvon Delmas of the Media library Lucie Aubrac.

Have dinner in one of the numerous restaurants and  snacks of Ganges and later go to see a film in the close cinema " l"Arc-en -Ciel".

To participate with the population at GANGES 1900, a very nice event which tries to reconstitute the atmosphere of the beginning of last century. All dressed up in period costume. Demonstrations and interesting tastings on the first weekend of September.

Or then follow closely the tests of the rally - CRITERION OF CEVENNES (the logis is situated over the area of gathering of racing cars). Demonstration in November .


More extravagant: make a jump in Montpelier

More interesting (we shall say to you why): spend a day in Nimes


Farther: take off to Marseille for the business


More " people ": go to see the prince

Too far ?....


Closer: the historic and archaeological sites.
Look for menhirs and for hidden dolmens, visit the site of Graufesenque, near Millau, where were the biggest workshops of pottery of the Roman Empire, the Bamboo plantation, the Museum of the Desert, very famous Huguenot place near Anduze...

Still closer: (if we stayed in the Ganges?) to visit the old town made by a maze of narrow alleys, by arched "crossbars", by interesting buildings... of shaded places and by terraced gardens (it is not Babylon yet), the Old Bridge on the Hérault river " made in " XIIth, the spinnings which made of Ganges the first French center of the silk stocking, from the XVIIth century.

Naturally we shall advise you, during your stay and following your interests, on the most beautiful strolls and visits to be made since the loGIS DU BARON. We will provide you with a calendar of the seasonal activities and we shall provide to you a pass-card to benefit from tariff reductions for the access to the main places of interest of the surroundings.

Ganges it is also:

A polyclinic (that can be useful) with emergency services, surgery, scanner, dialysis, medicines and maternity hospital, new equipments, competent and nice staff.

Six banks

Eight bakers

Five butcher's shops

Four grocer's shops and four supermarkets 

Two sport stores

Four different (Cults) with equipped room 
Three places to rent canoes 
 A track of go-carting ( Cazilhac)...


But always no swimming pool covered for the winter!  


In conclusion 
Ganges is one small city where life is enjoyable today.
In the origin it was lived by Volques Arécomiques. In the Renaissance " Ah! It was the good time". What a period! Especially when " our good King " spent to see the Marchioness. We sometimes danced to late the night, protected  then by ramparts of the city.

The Logis du  Baron, where you will stay is part of these old walls.

The Baron Soulier or rather the Baroness renewed the building in their return of the napoleonic wars. We owe them the high ceilings, the beautiful doors and the staircase of Pompignan stone ( Cretaceous limestone). The building was then transformed to welcome the post office there until 1978. Acquired in neglected state or almost, the current owners (of cevenole origin)  renew the house for 10 years.

The apartment where you will stay was totally renewed in 2007.

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